Want To Add Powerpoints To Your Caravan, Campervan Or RV?

Powerpoints Turn Torchlight Into Full Light & So Much More!

Being able to travel around with a bed to sleep in, a place to keep all of your belongings and often a kitchen and even a shower or toilet makes travelling just that much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Being able to plug in your appliances; maybe a TV, your phone or camera charger, toaster, etc makes it even better!!!

Did you know that you can add power points to your caravan, camper van or RV?

Where the wall of your caravan, camper van or RV contains a cavity, you can generally add power points.

An external power outlet is also something can can be added. For this you will need a Weatherproof Powerpoint.

Explore your options and work out what you need power for and where. Also, you need to keep in mind that he number of appliances you have connected to your power points, on each circuit, when used at the same time, should not exceed the amps of your circuit breaker.

There Are Weather Proof Powerpoints, Powerpoints That Come With Built In USB Ports, 10 Or 15 Amp Powerpoints, Powerpoints With Extra Switches, Single, Double, Quad Powerpoints. Glass Powerpoints, The List Goes On… 

Pink Camper Van - Add Powerpoints To Turn Camping Into Luxury