EDA Online – Warranty & Returns

We pride ourselves in providing positive customer service and work hard to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our warranty is “As long as you can remember” warranty. This means, as long as you can remember you bought it from us, you can return it to us.  Goods to be installed by licensed and qualified electrical workers  

✔ We accept returns for goods that have been received faulty or if the product fails.
✔ Products must have the original receipt and must be in original packing.
✔ Goods returned at the buyer’s expense.
✔ Goods returned in accordance with our T&C’s
✔  Goods to be returned in original packaging and condition, We will make sure there is no damage and was not caused by you by incorrect installation/usage

Return Goods to: 

EDA Online
P.O BOX 98
Balaclava 3183
Victoria, Australia

If there are any issues regarding orders, purchases, or any general inquiries please do not hesitate to email us and we will respond accordingly.